• Teachers in all disciplines find themselvers facing discipline problems on a day-to-day basis. Strategies are offered to teachers who are working with students who initiate all types of disruptive or other inappropriate types of behaviors.  Strategies are also presented for those teachers working with students who have been indentified as autistic.  A Behavior Strategist program developed by Region One ESC Education Specialists provides district personnel with specialized training so that they can  immediately meet the behavioral needs on their campus.  The program combines instruction, hands-on experiences with strategists, written and oral projects, staff presentations, and coordination of a district-wide conference.
    Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® 
    Certified trainers are available to support the work of professionals who work with challenging or potentially violent individuals by providing a relevant, practical behavior management program. Contact Claudia Garcia, education specialist.


Last Modified on March 6, 2014