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    The Center for Excellence in College and Career Readiness Support Services is operated from within the Office of College, Career, and Life Readiness. It is one of three pillars of the Region One ESC Centers for Excellence. The Centers for Excellence offer and implement innovative services to improve student performance, increase effectiveness and economy, and help districts implement state initiatives. The support services available from the Center for Excellence in College and Career Readiness are built on foundations of collaboration, analysis of multiple measures of evidence, and insistence on high quality.
    Whether it is direct services to students or professional development to educators at all levels of professional learning, the Center for Excellence in College & Career Readiness offers premier support and impactful information to help students and their families achieve post-secondary dreams!
    We hope you will browse our catalog, and contact us to learn more about the innovations, workshops, and conferences we offer! 
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    Services include:

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