Financial Literacy

    Region One ESC GEAR UP will implement learning activities to help students grasp the essentials of personal finance, and to give them opportunities to practice core skills and showcase the real-world impact of the financial decisions they make. At the middle school grade levels, financial literacy will focus on personal skills and interests, career options, and personal/family financial management.  At the high school, financial literacy will introduce cohort students to the importance of making wise financial decisions. It will demonstrate the importance of planning, goal-setting, and decision-making within the context of personal financial decisions.

    Financial Literacy Conferences
    Each project year, the Region One GEAR UP Partnership will host a series of Financial Literacy Conferences designed to provide vital information in regards to financial literacy for students and parents alike. Sessions will be held on topics such as the importance of managing your money, money and banking, and future financial planning. Region One ESC GEAR UP program staff, along with business and community partners, will present on the selected topics.
    Financial Literacy Summit
     Deep South Texas Financial Literacy Alliance
    The goal of the South Texas Financial Literacy Alliance is to increase the financial literacy awareness of families in Deep South Texas by the year 2017. This will be accomplished by forming a partnership between institutions of higher education, financial institutions, school districts, and business and community entities in order to improve the financial status of the Region.
    Financial Literacy Alliance

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  • Melissa I. Lopez

    Education Specialist

    Region One ESC GEAR UP
    Phone: (956)984-6046
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