• ESCONETT (Region One Education Service Center’s Wide Area Network for students, administrators, and educators) Education Service Center One Network for Educational Technology and Telecommunications was created in 1998 and has taken large, medium and small school districts into the Technology Frontier with it’s extensive amount of services that it provides through it’s high quality digital wide area network.

    ESCONETT has a completely unified video, voice and data network infrastructure that connects approximately 300 schools, 3 Universities and 2 community colleges. With varying digital circuits from ISDN to Giga-man connections, ESCONETT is able to provide voice, video and data through these circuits with the highest Quality of Service possible and still manage to help school districts keep their budgets under control in relation to technology expenditures.

    Through the use of these services, schools can further facilitate learning for their students by expanding and enriching the curriculum, especially through the use of the Internet and Videoconferencing. Through many of these service students, teachers and administrators have now began to eliminate existing technology barriers.

    Region One Education Service Center is committed to providing local education agencies with the needed tools to improve student performance and achievement.