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    The Region One ESC GEAR UP: Ready, Set,  College! Partnership, serves over 10,700 cohort students and provides services to regional high schools arrayed along the U.S.-Mexico border from Laredo to Brownsville, TX.  The primary goal of the GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College! Partnership is to increase the number of targeted students who enter and succeed in postsecondary environments. This goal is supported by a plan that encompasses academic systemic reform. 

    Services are substantiated by validated research and are intended to result in a systemic examination, alignment, and implementation of policies, programs, and practices that enable students to succeed in college. GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College! is organized into five program objectives. These objectives are then supported by delineated activities and initiatives. Please browse the Program Overview page to learn more.

    The Region One ESC GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College! Partnership is about making a positive change in the Region One area through post-secondary education. We want students to be successful in their college and career goals. Our work helps achieve that through the support of families, educators, and community members.    

    Region One ESC GEAR UP is a partnership with students at heart! 
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Last Modified on August 10, 2018