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House Bill 5 Section 16 Graduation Requirements and Endorsements

During the 83rd legislation session, House Bill 5 made significant changes to high school graduation requirements.  Students entering in 2014-2015 will graduate under the new Foundation High School Program with one or more endorsements and/or the distinguished level of achievement.  The new graduation program allows for more flexibility, student interest and local control.  Students may select an area of interest through one or more endorsements. Districts only able to offer one endorsement area must select the multidisciplinary endorsement. In addition, course sequencing is less rigid and allows for more course combinations and endorsement sequences as students, parents, and counselors develop a personal graduation plan.

As districts prepare for the implementation of House Bill 5 graduation requirements, they may define advanced courses and determine coherent sequences of courses for each endorsement based on district course offerings.  The presentations, tools and resources have been developed to support planning and implementation of the new high school graduation requirements.

House Bill 5 Resources

House Bill 5 Section 46 Community and Student Engagement; Compliance

Over 100 bills were passed during the 83rd legislative session that impact public education.  One significant change requires district and campuses to evaluate Student and Community Engagement; Compliance.  Each district must use criteria set by a local committee to evaluate the districts and campuses performance under each program or category and determine an overall rating for Student and Community Engagement using a rating of (exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable).  In addition each district and campus must evaluate Compliance with statutory reporting and policy requirements.  In response, Region One Education Service Center collaboratively developed with local education agencies a CSE electronic tool that supports the implementation of the statutory requirement.

We wish to acknowledge the co-authors for their profound expertise, time and dedication in the creation of the CSE Tool Resources.


Student and Community Engagement Presentation 

House Bill 5 Section 10 College Preparatory Courses 

In 2009, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3 mandating a new accountability system focused on postsecondary readiness for all Texas public school students by establishing a goal to be among the top ten states for graduating college-ready students. To support students that are not college ready, House Bill 5, Section 10 requires Local Education Agencies (districts) to develop college preparatory courses in English language arts and mathematics in partnership with at least one institution of higher education (college/university).  The course is designed for 12th grade students that have not met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements or exemptions.

House Bill 5 Section 10 Text (Coming Soon)


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