• SubHub Benefits for Substitute Teachers


    •  Increased job opportunities

       - Search for jobs anytime, anywhere

       - Look for jobs online on the Aesop home page

       - Call in to Aesop to find available jobs or wait for Aesop to call you


    • Continued flexible work schedule  

       -  You can tell Aesop when to call you

       -  Add non-work days on the Aesop system

       -  Set your own work preferences

       -  You're able to view your schedule on-line in advance

       -  Manage your personal information

       -  Search for jobs in multiple districts 


    • TRS eligibility

       -  Start contributing towards your retirement!

       -  Start accumulating credit for salary increment purposes for possible future district/charter school employment.


    • Access to health insurance

       -  Be in compliance with Affordable Care Act requirements by enrolling you and your family members for

          health insurance.

       -  Region One makes it affordable by providing an employee health insurance allowance.


    • Monthly paychecks through direct deposit

       -  Region One ESC is 100% direct deposit, which means you have access to your funds a lot sooner. No more     

          having to wait in line at the bank to cash your check.
    Start the process: 
    1. Fill out the ONE *APP under Professional Vacancies and apply to be a Substitute Teacher
    2. Get Certified as a Substitute Teacher through the Substitute Teacher Certification Academy at                         Region One ESC