• Out-of-School Youth Instructional and Job Readiness Resources
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    The goal of the Migrant Out of School Youth Program is to ensure that all OSY have access to appropriate services based on identified needs.
    Instructional and Job Readiness services are listed by counties.  To see what programs are available to meet the needs of your Out-of-School Youth, click on your location to the left.   
    Prior to making a referral, it is important to take the following steps to insure an effective referral is made:
    1.  Call the agency prior to making the referral to find out what specific services
         are available, what the eligibility requirements are, and if any type of      
         documentation is needed.
    2.  Whenever possible, get a point of contact and direct number at the agency.
    3.  Remind the OSY and/or family that the services available are subject to
         availability of funds and resources.