• TexQuest
    TexQuest   Thanks to restored funding from the 83rd State
       Legislature, the Texas State Library and Archives
       Commission (TSLAC) has re-established a
       statewide database program for K-12 public
       schools and open enrollment charter
       schools.  In the spring of 2014 emails were sent
      out informing districts to sign-up for TexQuest, which is the statewide online resources for Texas public school districts and open enrollment charter schools. 

    This service is free for one year and then it will become part of your membership fee for the Region One Library Services & Media Cooperative.  The 22¢ fee for year two will be paid by the Region One Library Services & Media Cooperative.  This was outlined for the superintendents in their district commitment letter.

    Districts are encouraged to sign up by October 15, 2014.  Registration for the TexQuest databases should be done by the district/charter contact since the process will require information not currently available to our cooperative.  If your district/charter is renewing participation in the 2014-15 Library Services & Media Cooperative, you should enter the following information for the ACCOUNTS PAYABLE fields:

    *Accounts Payable Name:     Fabiola Fuentes

    *Accounts Payable Email:      ffuentes@esc1.net

    *Accounts Payable Phone:    956-984-6072

    NOTE:  If a district/charter does not renew participation in the 2014-15 Library Services & Media Cooperative, the district/charter will be responsible for payment to the Texas State Library & Archives Commission for the TexQuest state-funded databases. 



    Below is a copy of the email sent regarding registration for the TexQuest, state-funded databases.


    Dear Texas K-12 school districts and librarians,


    It is time to sign up for TexQuest, the statewide online resources for Texas public school districts and open enrollment charter schools! Please visit the TexQuest website at http://texquest.net to begin the signup process.

    As you sign up, please keep these points in mind:

    ·         TexQuest registration will be done at the district level, not the campus level. Campus librarians: please ensure this message reaches the proper personnel within your district; those staff members with district purchasing authority.

    ·         Please read the guides and instructions posted on the TexQuest website carefully; they will be a great aid during the sign up process. If you have questions or need help during the process, please contact the Region 20 Support Center at texquest@esc20.info

    ·         Participation in TexQuest is free for the first year of the program (June 2014-June 2015), but districts will be invoiced in January 2015 to participate in the program for the second year that begins June 2015. The participation fee is 22 cents per student based on October 2013 enrollment, so please take steps to plan your budget accordingly.

    The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is pleased to offer these resources for school libraries across the state. In partnership with Region 20 Education Service Center, we are here to support Texas school libraries in their implementation of this program, and we welcome every opportunity to assist school libraries. Please feel free to contact us at K12@tsl.texas.gov or (512) 463-5852 with your questions or comments. Please forward this information to anyone in your professional circles or associations who may have missed this announcement.



     Len Bryan | School Program Coordinator

     Library Development and Networking Division

    Texas State Library and Archives Commission

    512-463-5852 | 512-463-2306 - fax


    School Program Website: https://www.tsl.texas.gov/k12



    Contact Information

    Dr. Laura Sheneman
    Email:   lsheneman@esc1.net
    Phone:  956.984.6055
    Fax:      956.984.7600
    Fabiola Fuentes
    Program Assistant
    Email:    ffuentes@esc1.net
    Phone:   956.984.6072
    Fax:       956.984.7600
Last Modified on January 6, 2017