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    Learning Progress Measures 


    In 2009, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 3 mandating the creation of entirely new assessment and accountability systems focused on the achievement of post-secondary readiness for all Texas public school students.   The new accountability system allows for a large number of measures to be evaluated within a performance index framework, eliminating the limitations of a single indicator determining the rating.

    For 2014 and beyond, an accountability framework of four performance indexes will continue to provide a comprehensive evaluation of public education at campuses and districts across Texas. The accountability framework offers four measures of campus and district performance that communicate strengths and areas  in need of improvement.

    50 percent of campuses that received a rating of Improvement Required (IR) across Region One did not meet Index 2.  While across, the state, 355 campuses did not meet Index 2.  Therefore, Index 2 (which measures year-to-year student progress) presents new and unique challenges for schools throughout Texas. 

    Addressing the Challenge

    Region One Education Service Center has developed a series of critically important customized reports that will assist and guide districts and campus planning to ensure that all students make progress towards satisfactory academic performance and advanced academic performance.