Admission Requirements and Process

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    Project P.a.C. E. Admission Requirements and Process



    check Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution
    bluecheckcircle  Did you aquire your bachelor's degree from another country? Click here for more information.
    check Minimum GPA of 2.5 overall or a 2.75 within the last 60 hours
    redcheck Basic Skills in Reading, Written and Oral Communication and Mathematics
    bluecheckcircle  6 hours of English Language Arts coursework from an accredited university whose language of instruction is English and/or a score of 26 or higher on the speaking portion of the TOEFL iBT for students graduating from a university with the language of instruction is not English
    bluecheckcircle  3 hours of college level mathematics or equivalent
    redcheck Not taught in Texas for 3 or more years on a permit and/or certificate and cannot have been admitted to another EPP
    redcheck Passed the Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT)
    In addition, at the screening:
    redchedk Access to a computer, interent, and e-mail 







Last Modified on July 26, 2018