• Recognition & Response


    Origins of R&R: Response to Intervention (RTI) Link to RtI site: http://www.esc1.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=929

    The Recognition and Response model has its origins in an approach called Response to Intervention (RTI) is geared for Kinder through 12th grade.

    What do we know about the effectiveness of R&R?

    An initial study of the first implementation of the R&R model has been conducted in the area of language and literacy skills. This study evaluated the preliminary effectiveness of the R&R approach in 24 child care, Head Start, and public pre-k classrooms and provides the first evidence of the effectiveness of R&R model for promoting language and literacy skills in  pre-k children.

    R&R Pilot Implementation Study (2008-2009)

    This multi-site study was designed to evaluate whether teachers find the R&R system useful and can implement it with fidelity. It also evaluated the preliminary effectiveness of R&R.

    Teachers in Maryland and Florida implemented R&R in 24 pre-k classrooms that included over 350 4-year-old children. This pilot study focused on early language and literacy and included the following components:

    • Professional development, including weekly classroom consultation, biweekly community of practice meetings, and collaborative problem solving
    • Universal screening for all children and progress monitoring for target children
    • Tier 2 small group language and literacy intervention for some children
    • Research data, including social validation, implementation fidelity, and child and classroom outcomes


    The full presentation of the R&R Webinar held on September 30, 2009 is now available. This webinar is presented by Virginia Buysse, Ph.D. and Ellen Peisner-Feinberg, Ph.D., principal investigators on the R&R project.
    The presentation focuses on the results of the first study to evaluate the use of R&R in pre-k classrooms and the educational benefits for children’s language and literacy development.

    Please click on the link below to go to the presentation page then click on the image start the webinar presentation.


    Current research projects

    Recognition & Response: A Response to Intervention (RTI) Model for Early Childhood (2008-2011)

    This project is a Goal 2 research study designed to further develop, refine, and evaluate the Recognition & Response (R&R) model for early childhood.  This study focuses on the language and literacy domains, and will take place in public school-based prekindergarten programs in North Carolina. Project activities include: (1) adapting a language and literacy intervention that can be used in Tiers 2 and 3; (2) adapting an assessment measure for use in universal screening and progress monitoring; (3) implementing ongoing professional development to ensure that R&R is implemented with fidelity; (4) developing intervention fidelity measures specific to R&R; (5) gathering data on the social validity and treatment acceptability of the R&R model and its components; (6) evaluating other components of the model, such as the problem-solving component; and (7) collecting pre- and post-test data on children’s language and literacy outcomes.
    The following link provides a list of screening tools for the Pre-K level to use for Recognition and Response. 
    The R&R project is a program of the FPG child Development Institute of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.