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                                                                                 Budgeting Tools  
    To assist our districts/charters in preparing their budgets for the upcoming year, the Region One Education Service Center has compiled a set of reports to aid in this process. Included in the Budgeting Tools site are reports to assist a school district in evaluating their student, staffing and spending trends in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  

    The Budgeting Tools packet contains the following reports for each district/charter system in the region. 

     I.             Student Enrollment Trends

                1.       Student Enrollment Comparison by Type
                2.       5 Year Enrollment
                3.       Students that Left ISD
                4.       New Student to ISD
                5.       5 Year Enrollment Trend by District/Campus
                6.       5 Year Enrollment Trend by Disaggregation of Student
                7.       Data Special Program
    II.            Staffing Reports
                1.       Indicators of Financial Problems – Staffing Ratios
                2.       Staff Ratios by Function – Professional/Support Staff
                3.       Full Time Equivalent (FTEs) – by Function
                4.       Full Time Equivalent (FTEs) – by Role
                5.       Staff Guidelines

    III.           Revenue & Expenditure Reports/Fast

                1.       General Revenues & Expenditures Compared to Enrollment
                2.       Per Pupil Expenditures
                3.       6 Year State Fund Allotment by Program Intent Code

    IV.          Tax Rates

                1.       Maintenance & Operations Tax Rate - 6 Year Comparison
                2.       Maintenance & Operations Tax Rate - 2015 (Graph)
                       3.    Maintenance & Operations Tax Rate 7 Year Trend 
     To view a particular district, please click on fiscal year and then on the district/charter. 
Last Modified on February 15, 2018