• Throughout the year, area educators are offered multiple options for completing the requirements for receiving Gifted and Talented training. We also provide training sessions for students and district/school leaders responsible for supporting GT learners.
    Sessions are pre-scheduled and available annually through the Region One ESC Professional Development (PD) System (www.esc1.net/staffdevelopment) and may also be delivered at your school/district location. In the PD System, registrants may select from onsite sessions held at a Region One ESC facility or online courses approved by the state. To schedule training at your site, contact Patty Rendon at prendon@esc1.net
    Region One ESC also brings in experts in the field of Gifted and Talented education for special workshops.  
    Gifted/Talented Administrators and Counselors
    On-line 6-hour update 
    Date: ongoing until August 18, 2018 
    Gifted/Talented Insitute for Teachers of the Gifted
    On-line 30-hour update 
    Date: ongoing until August 18, 2018 


    Advanced Academics Summer 2018

    Summer Institute for New Teachers of the Gifted

    Day 1 - Nature and Needs of G/T Students     workshop no. 87944
    Day 2 - Identification and Assessment for G/T Students     workshop no. 87945
    Day 3 - Models of Differentiated Instruction     workshop no. 87946
    Day 4 - Creativity and Critical Thinking for G/T Students     workshop no. 87947
    Day 5 - Engaging G/T Students by Adding Depth and Complexity     workshop no. 87948
    These 5 sessions are scheduled from Monday - Thursday, from 8:30am to 5:00pm during the 4-day summer schedule.  Click here to view flyer.

    Patricia Rendon
    Tel: (956) 984-6233
    Diana Gonzalez
    Program Assistant
    Tel: (956) 984-6238
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