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    Happy New Year Region One Schools!

    All Region One ESC Public, Charter and Private Schools have a live streaming learning opportunity! Region One ESC and Streamable Learning are opening up a pilot to allow you to bring LIVE learning events from museums, zoos, authors, historical sites and more until the end of the 2017-18 school year.  You will also have access to recordings from the entire 2017-2018 calender from Streamable Learning. Sign up for your classroom account and choose the events you want to attend.  


    Streamable Learning is excited to bring hundreds of live, interactive educational streaming programs into your classroom.

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    Sea Turtles Inc: Value of Volunteering | Grades 8-12 | November 28 |3 sessions

    Free registration Link:   Sea Turtle Inc. Guest Registration

    sea turtles inc

    Benjamin Franklin An Original American | Grades 3-8 | December 6 | 3 sessions

    streamable learning

     Bring local education streaming events into your classroom.  Virtually visit the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen and Turtles Inc on South Padre Island.  These events have free registration and connect with the click of a link.  All other events on this site are available for no cost until the end of November.  Click the Guest Registration Link below to bring live events to your classroom!  

     Oct 27

    Nov 28 Giving Tuesday: Value of Volunteering | Grades 8-12 

    11/28/17 9:10am, 10:10am CST and 12:10pm 


    Grades 6-12 | Sea Turtle, Inc. presents Lend a Hand: The Value of Volunteering


    Sea Turtle, Inc. is a non-profit organization in south Texas. Our mission is rescue, rehabilitate and release sick and injured sea turtles, educate the public, and assist with conservation efforts for all marine turtle species. We would not be able to fulfill our mission without our amazing volunteers. This program features the work we do at Sea Turtle, Inc. highlighting our volunteers and the importance of giving back to your local community through volunteering.

     You can register for these events by clicking on this link:  Guest Registration Link


    Tom Thelan Essential Skills Series Preview


    Click here for a free pass to Tom's first program (11/16/2017 - 11:10 AM EST)




    Connect2Texas - Upcoming Events:     


    Programs Available "By Request"

    programs available "by request"

    Most providers are able to schedule programs "by request" to fit your scheduling needs. If you see a program but it's not available on a date or time that is suitable contact that provider directly to coordinate other options.


    spotlight sessions

    Mourning a President

    Presented by Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

    Grades: 5-12

    Cost: FREE

    Date: November 17

    Time: 9:30-10:20 CST


    On the opening day of our special exhibit, Mourning a President, connect with us as our Educator and Curator of Collections give you a tour of this exhibit open through President's Day 2018.



    Focused on the November 25, 1963 funeral and burial of President John F. Kennedy, Mourning a President explores how a grieving nation paid its respects. Elaborately planned over an intensive three-day time period, this was the country’s most momentous funeral since the burial of Abraham Lincoln.


    This exhibit includes the 15-foot-long flag that flew at half-staff above the Senate Wing of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. along with the St. Matthew’s Cathedral funeral program, mass cards, eulogies, photos, film footage, funeral remembrances from around the world and notes from Jacqueline Kennedy about how the funeral was to be arranged.


    Benjamin Franklin An Original American

    Presented by George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

    Grades: 3-8

    Cost: FREE

    Date: December 6

    Times: 10:30-11:30 or 12:30-1:30 CST


    Benjamin Franklin, An Original American, introduces a unique opportunity for an engaging, lively, thought-provoking educational experience. Interactive in the finest sense of the word, each presentation is real-time exchange of living thought. This is a unique historical perspective that will remain memorable for years to follow.


    Recording - Can't join us live on Dec. 6? No problem! You will be sent a link to access the recording within 3 business days after the live program. The recording can be viewed anytime, at your convenience, with the registered class.

    Outdoor Cooking for the Holidays

    STEM in Action: Scribblebots

    stem in action: scribblebots

    Presented by Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

    Grades: 4-8

    Cost: $140 (includes materials to build scribblebots)

    Dates: November 1, 3, 15, 17, 29 or 30

    Times (CST): see schedule or by request available



    The perfect combination of science, engineering and technology, scribblebots are motorized machines that move in chaotic ways, leaving interesting artistic patterns in their wake. Collaborative teams of students will move through the Engineering Design Process by making simple circuits and offset motors, then test and manipulate variables. The result is an interactive robot that demonstrates the scientific concepts of electricity, force and motion with a wildly creative outcome.


    Contact distancelearning@fwmsh.org to request this program on a specific date and time.



    Find Your Place in a State Park 

    find your place in a state park

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

    Grades: Prek-2

    Cost: Free

    Date: November 9

    Times: 9:00-9:30, 10:15-10:45, 12:30-1:00 or 1:45-2:15 CST


    We have over 95 state parks all across the state of Texas, just waiting to be discovered by YOU! Join us as we use maps, videos, and pictures to study the physical and human characteristics of a few parks in different regions of Texas. We’ll discuss and identify geographic location, landforms, bodies of water, natural resources, weather, and how all of those affect humans and what kinds of activities we can do at the parks. Come see why Life is Better Outside!


    Animal Encounters: Prickly Porcupines

    animal encounters: prickly porcupines

    Texas Wildlife Association

    Grades: K-8

    Cost: Free

    Date: November 14

    Times: 9:00-9:4510:15-11:0012:30-1:15 or 2:00-2:45 CST


    Join us and our prickly guest as we clear up some common misconceptions and discuss porcupines' amazing adaptations. These rodents are unique in so many ways, from being nocturnal to being covered in quills; our program will be packed with fun facts. We will also study porcupine structures, their functions, habitats, and compare new world and old world porcupines. Don't miss this great opportunity to see this rarely seen critter!


    RECORDING - Can't join us live on Nov. 14th? No problem! You will be sent a link to access the recording within three business days after the live program. The recording can be viewed anytime at your convenience with the registered class.





    Story Time at the Zoo

    Grades: Prek-2

    Cost: $75

    Dates/Times: (also available by request)

    November 9 9:00-9:30 CST

    November 15 1:00-1:30 CST

    November 16 10:00-10:30 CST

    Note registration deadlines

    Some events require a fee

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