• 2017-2018 Professional Development for Mentor Teachers 

    Project RISE professional development sessions are continuously scheduled throughout the year for our Mentor Teachers. Mentor Teachers will participate in professional development sessions that will enhance their knowledge on research based educational practices and teacher leadership. A list of professional development sessions for Mentor Teachers can be found below and will be updated as sessions become available. The table below provides access to the workshop numbers and additional information for each professional development session.

    Date  Workshop Number Workshop Title Location


    January 13, 2018


    January 16, 2018




    Project RISE: Sheltered Instruction (Master and Mentor Teachers ONLY)*

    *Please coordinate with your campus administrators to determine the session that best fits your campus schedule.

    Region One ESC 

    Starr Room


    January 20, 2018




    Project RISE Mid-Year Master and Mentor Teacher Update and Technical Support

    Master and Mentor teachers are encouraged to register with other teacher leaders from their campus in order to calibrate and coordinate on various activities.

    Region One ESC

    Webb Room

    Please be advised, that all other professional development sessions may change. This is the most current professional development list to date.


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