Training Available-Multicultural and Diverse Learners

    Multicultural and Diverse Learners

    Targeted Instruction-Systems of Support

    Effective Instruction for Elementary Struggling Readers

    Comprehension Strategies for Struggling Learners

    How Do I Manipulate These Manipulatives?!

    This training is comprised of five training modules that are designed to prevent disproportionality and overrepresentation of certain student groups in the special education program. This training can either be presented as a whole or districts can request the module(s) that pertain to their training needs.

    The components of the training are:


    Developing Cultural Proficiency- 6 hour training

    Research has repeatedly shown that culturally proficient teachers can have positive impact on the academic achievement, emotional and social growth, and behavior of students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. It is the intent of this module to help educators understand the diversity among cultures and students, but most importantly, to understand how our perception of cultural and linguistic differences influences our expectations as educators and service providers.


    Second Language Acquisition/Variations of Language- 4 hour training

    One purpose of this module is to provide educators with an overview of second language acquisition so they can better serve English Language Learners (ELLs) whose English skills are so limited they cannot profit from instruction provided entirely in English without native language and/or English as a second language instruction. Another purpose is to help educators understand how dialects impact communication and achievement, focusing on two of the most common dialects in the U.S. and in Texas, “Spanglish” and African American English.


    Systems of Support-4 hour training

    This module was developed with the goals of having educators, parents, and other service providers look at their current systems of support and decide if those systems are adequate. When referrals to special education are made, are these referrals appropriate and do they follow a coordinated series of efforts to address students’ difficulties in the context of general education? This module addresses these issues by examining the roles families, communities and schools play in supporting students and by presenting options for prevention and early intervention in the general education context.


    Designing Instruction for Diverse Learners-6 hour training

    This module provides educators with an opportunity to examine the principles of universal design as they apply to educational settings, to think about the unique needs of diverse student groups, and to learn and apply a detailed process for differentiating instruction.


    Family-School Partnerships: Keys to the Success of Culturally Linguistic Diverse Students-4 hour training

    The objectives for this module are to examine the contexts that influence family-school interactions for culturally and linguistically diverse students. Educators will understand the positive outcomes correlated with successful family-school partnerships and components of effective district, campus, and classroom practices.


    Targeted Instruction-Systems of Support-6 hour training 

    The purpose of Systems of Support teams is to empower teachers to target instructional and behavioral interventions for students who are struggling. Team approaches utilizing research-based strategies and materials can assist teachers in supporting all learners and prevent inappropriate referrals to the special education program. Learn how to plan for individualized instruction and behavioral interventions so teachers can teach more effectively and students can learn the subject material and become independent learners.

    Effective Instruction for Elementary Struggling Readers- 18 hour training

    The institute is intended for elementary level educators who are teaching struggling readers at the kindergarten, first, or second grade level. The components of the trainign are: Fluency, Word Study, Comprehension, Phonological Awareness. This is a three day training that can be staggered throughout a semester. Districts can select the order of the components to be presented.

    Comprehension Strategies for Struggling Learners-(Grades 3-8) 3 hour training

    This training shows teachers how to use research-based interventions for students who are struggling. The strategies presented are helpful to all students who are participating in the state assessments.


Last Modified on November 2, 2011