Mentor Forms & Schedules



    Mentor Training is required
    TxBESS (free for Project P.a.C.E. mentors), PACT, or other appropriately documented
    Please contact program staff with questions.



    Project P.a.C.E. will be using TxBESS Mentor Training starting the 2016-2017 school year. 
    TxBESS Mentor Teacher Training is scheduled for:
    Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at ESC 1
    Register for Workshop #57195. 
    For purposes of Project P.a.C.E., training is valid for three years.  
    Project P.a.C.E. mentors are invited to attend at no charge.
    Please contact our office for the code; contact Cindy Barrera at cbarrera@esc1.net.
    Pact System (Mentor/Intern System) - P.a.C.E. interns, please make sure you register on the site PACT Website.
    This is important so that your mentor can complete the modules and mentor/intern activities. Contact the Project P.a.C.E. office if you do not know your registration code or if you need your TEA ID number.


     2015-2016 Mentor Training and Modules- PACT (Performance-Based Academic Coaching Teams)
    P.a.C.E mentors:  To access your training, modules, and mentor/intern activities, select:
    You will need to register on the site using the registration code that was sent to you by pact@Tarleton.  If you do not have access to the code or do not remember what it was please contact the Project PaCE office for assistance.


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