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    E-Rate Year 5 Vendor Questions

    A vendor had the following questions regarding the Quote Request for E-Rate Year 5 (011015).

    In Section 14.16, Item 1:

    QUESTION: Do you want horizontal wire management for the fiber LIU?

    ANSWER: No

    QUESTION: Do you need just the one LIU or one for each end of the fiber?

    ANSWER: One

    In Section 14.16, Item 2:

    QUESTION: Do you want vertical, horizontal or both?

    ANSWER: Both

    QUESTION: If both, how many horizontal per rack?

    ANSWER: 13 total for 4 racks

    In Section 14.16, Items 3, 4 & 5:

    QUESTION: Are you replacing just the cable or everything, including the jacks?

    ANSWER: Everything

    QUESTION: Is there any specific brand that you want for any of this?

    ANSWER: We prefer Ortronics Series II

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    E-Rate Year 5 BAFO

    This is a request for a Best And Final Offer (BAFO) from all vendors that have already submitted a quote for our request on the E-Rate Year 5 items. Following are estimated quantities for the items that we are asking for. We will be following up on the Smartnet maintenance specifics for the consortium in the near future. Please feel free to adjust your pricing for the Region One Internal Requirements as well.

    • Please use these quantities as a general guideline for adjusting your pricing and resubmitting it on the provided forms.
    • Keep in mind that all you need to submit for this BAFO request are your adjusted pricing on the forms attached to this E-mail.
    • The forms in MS Word format are HERE.
    • Please submit your response via E-mail only, use my E-mail address listed in the signature of this E-mail.


    • Servers 249
    • Switch 24 259
    • Swich 48 278
    • Switch 96 44
    • Switch 192 145
    • Router 3810 33
    • Wireless LAN Kit 194
    • Wireless Access Point 667
    • Router 3662 22
    • Internet Access Maint. 10,200 Hours

    QUOTE REQUEST NUMBER: E-Rate Year 5 (011015) BAFO
    Best and Final Offer DUE ON: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 before 1:00 PM CST

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    E-Rate Year 5 BAFO - Addendum 4

    This request for quotes is being sent to only those vendors that submitted a quote to the original E-Rate Year 5 (011015) RFQ.

    • Please reference the attached MS Word document HERE, for a final revised Quote Response Tabulation Form.
    • All vendors must be a current GSC QISV vendor.
    • All vendors must have a valid SPIN assigned by the Schools and Libraries Division.
    • Some items require that the vendor be a Cisco Gold Partner.
    • A Best and Final Offer may be requested from selected vendors.
    • Feel free to submit a partial quote if you do not carry all of the requested items.

    QUOTE REQUEST NUMBER: E-Rate Year 5 (011015) BAFO Addendum 4
    QUOTE REQUEST DUE ON: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 before 1:00 PM CST
    QUOTE REQUESTED FOR: Gilbert Herrera, Roberto Garcia

    The original E-Rate Year 5 (011015) BAFO request mistakenly left out the MCU product which was added with the E-Rate Year 5 (011015) Addendum 1 as line item 14.8. Addendum 1 should have listed this item as line item 14.15.1 and the BAFO form should have also included this item. The attachment to this E-mail is a revised BAFO Response Tabulation Form that includes items 14.15.1 which is the Accord MCU.

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