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  • Project RISE May Sweepstakes

    Posted by Elizabet Palacios on 5/1/2018


    Project RISE May Sweepstakes

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    May Contest Rules      May Sweepstakes - Google Entry May Sweepstakes - Project RISE Forum

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  • Project RISE March Sweepstakes

    Posted by Elizabet Palacios on 3/1/2018

     Project RISE March Egg Hunt Sweepstakes Contest

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     Contest Rules and Eligibility  Two Ways to Enter the Project RISE March Sweepstakes Project RISE PBCS Blog Post

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  • Mentoring Best Practices

    Posted by Elizabet Palacios on 2/20/2018 2:00:00 PM

    If you've ever found yourself asking why mentoring matters or wondering what the best practices for effective mentoring are, these are the top 5 research-based Best Practices. Click on the image below to directo you to the original article.

    Mentor Best Practices

    Visit the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Website for the full article.


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  • Project RISE February Sweepstakes

    Posted by Elizabet Palacios on 2/20/2018

    Enter the 1st Project RISE Sweepstakes!

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    Contest Rules

    Sweepstakes Quiz

    Sweepstakes Blog Entries

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  • Sheltered Instruction - It Matters!

    Posted by Elizabet Palacios on 1/16/2018

    Region One ESC (Edinburg, TX)

    Our Project RISE Master and Mentor teachers participated in Sheltered Instruction Professional Development with Region One ESC Bilingual Director, Karina Chapa this week. Our teacher leaders engaged in conversations and activities that support English Learner development. Every participant explored Sheltered Instruction techniques while creating foldables which included actionable steps to support content and language development on their campuses. Follow Project RISE on Twitter @ESC1ProjectRISE for updates on how our teacher leaders are supporting learning on their campuses, and follow the Region One ESC Bilingual department on Twitter @ESC1bilingual.

    Project RISE Sheltered Instruction, Twitter Link

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  • Project RISE - Shout Outs!

    Posted by Elizabet Palacios on 1/11/2018

    Faulk Middle School (Brownsville ISD)

    Project RISE gives a Shout Out to Faulk Middle School for promoting our program on their campus website. Way to go Faulk Middle School!!! Click on the images below to retrieve the Project RISE January newsletter or to visit the Faulk Middle School website.

     Click on image to retrieve January 2018 newsletter Faulk Middle School


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Project RISE Discussion Board

  • The Counseling Connection

    Posted by:

    A great big welcome to Project RISE Counselors attending our Counselor Academies. Take a second to answer the following questions:

    1) Introduce yourself: Name & Campus

    2) How do you see your role supporting our students through the CCMR process?

    3) How has your experience during the Counselor's Academy helped support you in your role?

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  • Project RISE & Performance Based Compensation

    Posted by:

    Project RISE (Region One Incentive Strategies for Educators) focuses on rewarding educators through various initiatives to support the development of highly effective educators and student success. Share your hopes for the Performance Based Compensation System(PBCS) for participating Project RISE educators. What additional information would you like to receive regarding Project RISE PBCS?

    For more information regarding Project RISE PBCS, see the Project RISE March Newsletter.

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  • Teachers Cafe Introductions

    Posted by:

    Take a second to check in and let us know you visited. Tell us about yourself, the campus you are currently on and the subject(s) you teach. 

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  • New Year Resolutions for Student Success...

    Posted by:

    As 2018 is now underway, what are some New Year resolutions we have adopted to improve student success in our classrooms and campuses?

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  • Mentoring that Works!

    Posted by:

    As an educator who has been mentored, or who is a mentor, what are some of your positive experiences with mentoring? 

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