The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAR™) accountability system places a greater emphasis on increased rigor and a strong focus on college and career readiness. A critical need exists for an assessment bank containing items of high quality and high rigor which is updated in alignment with state expectations.


The STAR One™ Texas-Aligned Item Bank is a high quality, software-based resource that can be used to develop rigorous, aligned benchmark tests; an integral component of comprehensive curriculum and educational processes. STAR One™ was developed by Region One ESC to help elementary and secondary school students and educators. Region One ESC was established to provide services which improve student performance. Results of STAR One™ assessments are intended to inform decisions about instructional design and educator professional development with that goal in mind. 


The STAR One™ Texas-Aligned Item Bank exemplifies quality collaborative partnerships that support district improvement efforts to ensure grade level proficiency and college readiness for all students.
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