• Rigor in Assessment- Systemic Response
    To assure that the TX Bank One Texas-aligned assessment item bank is of high quality and reflects the rigor required in STAAR, the development process takes into consideration instructional and assessment research from national level experts and organizations including: Dr. Norman L. Webb, University of Wisconsin–Depth of Knowledge, defining and identifying rigor and cognitive complexity in assessment; the psychometric properties of tests; test item development; item rigor refinement, and maximal accessibility. Research and application of effective instructional practices and cognitive and knowledge taxonomies were incorporated.
    Teams of master educators in STAAR-assessed content areas/grade levels participated in the TX Bank One item bank development and refinement project that resulted in the generation of the first version of the item bank (STAAR One) in 2009. Now known as TX Bank One, new items are added and existing items are regularly reviewed using the same quality processes. The item banks are updated as new standards are released by the Texas Education Agency and as new developments are made relevant to the state assessment. 
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