• Frequently Asked Questions
    Online Resources
    Question:   How do I retrieve statistices for the online resources at my campus?
    Answer:     Instructions for each resource are listed on our webpage Resources Statistics Retrieval.
    Question:   Where do I find training materials for the online resources?
    Answer:     Links to training materials are listed on our webpage Training Materials.
    Library Grants
    Question:  Where can I find library grants?
    Answer:  This website has links to several library grants:  http://librarygrants.blogspot.com/ 

    Contact Information

    Dr. Laura Sheneman
    Email:   lsheneman@esc1.net
    Phone:  956.984.6055
    Fax:      956.984.7600
    Fabiola Fuentes
    Program Assistant
    Email:    ffuentes@esc1.net
    Phone:   956.984.6072
    Fax:       956.984.7600
Last Modified on January 6, 2017