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    Texas DPS School Bus Driver Certification Training
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    For newly hired or current school bus drivers seeking bus driving permit renewals, the Education Service Center offers Texas DPS School Bus Driver Certification Training along with professional development and support for district personnel year-round to assist school districts in providing students safe travel to and from school and on school-sponsored trips.
    Safe Transport Project
    "Consider a Career as a Bus Driver"
    If you are interested in becoming a bus driver, we have developed a three-module training program just for you.
         Module 1 = TXDPS Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Handbook Training
         Module 2 = TXDPS CDL Behind-the-Wheel Training
         Module 3 = TXDPS School Bus Driver Training
    This is a four-week program that will allow you to master each module with classroom instruction, hands-on activities in a language preference (English or Spanish) setting.
    Staff Development Sessions
    (Available in your area, in English or Spanish)
         Hands-On Special Needs Evacuation Training (Securement of wheelchairs, child booster 
               seats, evacuation procedures, etc.)
         Student Management on the Bus Training
         Diabetes Awareness Training
         Safety & Security Awareness on the Road
         Defensive Driving
         Effective Communication Skills
         Sexual Harassment Training
         New or Aspiring Transportation Supervisors or office personnel
         State Transportation Reporting Requirements
         Conducting Security/Safety Audits
         "New" Transportation Safety Training to comply with (SB572) requirements for licensed and registered child care
    If you need any other specialized training to further assist your district please do not hesitate to contact our office at (956) 984-6283 or e-mail us at:
         Jesus Aguayo, Specialist - jaguayo@esc1.net   
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