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  • Laredo Extension Office

    Our Purpose:

    The Region One ESC Laredo Extension Office provides a wide array of quality research-based curriculum, instruction, assessment and technical support services to public and non-public districts and charter schools located in the Laredo area, including schools belonging to Webb CISD, Jim Hogg CISD, Zapata CISD, and Roma ISD.

    Our mission embraces positive systemic transformation through the utilization of professional learning community structures to encourage educational dialogue that values data-driven decision-making, collaboration, and enhanced levels of academic and personal success for all students and staff.

    Our Priorities:

    • Improving District, School, and Educator Performance
    • Facilitating the Delivery of a Challenging and Engaging Learning Curriculum that Prepares Students for Life-long Success
    • Developing Professional Learning Communities that Collaborate Effectively in the Planning and Delivery of Aligned, Purposeful, and Meaningful Instruction
    • Designing and Providing High Quality Professional Learning Opportunities Aligned to Targeted Professional and Student Needs
    • Providing Student, Parent and Community Support Services to our Teaching and Learning Communities
    • Developing and Maintaining Collaborative Partnerships with all local education agencies to support district, campus, and student success

    Our Teaching and Learning Support Services:

    • Research-based educator workshops targeting effective instructional strategies
    • Professional educator coaching and mentoring support
    • On-site, core area, departmental Professional Learning Community planning for effective research-based teaching and learning
    • Specialized educator training & support for Migrant, Special Education, GT, and Bilingual Education Programs
    • Resources for District, school, and educator improvement TEKS Resource System
    • TX Bank One Texas-Aligned Assessment Item Bank
    • MAPSS-Mapping a Pathway to Student Success
    • ILP3 Principal Certification Program, T-TESS, T-PESS, Advanced Educational Leadership (AEL) Program
    • Microsoft 365 and Google user workshops
    • Annual Assessment Conference and Diverse Learner Conference
    • Customized District, school, and classroom monitoring, audit review, reporting, and analysis services

    Region One ESC Laredo Extension Office is deeply committed to preparing all students towards college and career readiness through a comprehensive and collaborative system of support from a local area office of high qualified teacher leaders and professionals.

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    Click to Access Map to Laredo Extension Office If you need assistance finding our offices, please call us at (956) 795-0000. 

    The Laredo Extension Office serves as your liaison to the Region One ESC Edinburg office.  We provide timely information and direct services to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in our area.

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