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    Teacher Alternative Certification Program

    Project P.a.C.E. - Preparing and Certifying Educators www.esc1.net/projectpace

    Project P.a.C.E., Educator Preparation Program, provides a range of services and supports to prepare aspiring educators for a successful career in teaching. We offer a combination of coursework, field experiences, along with mentoring and coaching to ensure that graduates are ready to meet the demands of the classroom.  Overall Project P.a.C.E. is designed to provide aspiring teachers with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to succeed in the classroom.

    Four specific types of services and supports that Project PaCE provide include:

    1. Test preparation: Project P.a.C.E. provides support to students preparing for teacher certification exams, such as the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES).

    2. Coursework: A variety of courses in subjects such as curriculum development, classroom management, assessment and evaluation, and educational psychology.

    3. Field experiences: In addition to classroom-based coursework, educator preparation programs provide field experiences that allow students to observe and participate in actual classrooms.

    4. Mentoring and coaching: This includes pairing students with experienced teachers or providing regular feedback on classroom performance.


    Principal Alternative Certification Program

    ILP3 - Integrated Leadership Principal Preparation Program www.esc1.net/ilp3

    Contact: Sandra Saenz, ssaenz@esc1.net, 956-984-6275/6104

    The Integrated Leadership Principal Preparation Program - ILP3 is designed to help certified educators who hold a master's degree transition into the role of a campus leader. ILP3 provides candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful instructional leader.  Our delivery of services are convenient, allowing candidates to complete coursework on Saturdays and participate in field experiences while continuing to work.  Top five reasons for choosing to participate in the ILP3 Program:

    1. Vision for high-quality educator preparation,

    2. Offer face-to-face coursework and training,

    3. Provide intentional practice-based experiences,

    4. Targeted supports through coaching & mentoring, and

    5. Affordable tuition.