• School Health Program

    A Systemic Approach to Addressing the Needs of Students!

    To assist schools with Coordinated School Health Programming (CSHP) and School Health Advisory Councils (SHAC) to facilitate the development of policies for improved health outcomes of children. The program provides training and technical assistance to districts in utilizing SHAC’s and a CSHP approach to address health-related issues. The program provides districts with state-mandated training and certifications related to health services, physical education, health education, counseling, safety, physical education, parental and community involvement, and employee wellness. The program provides training to SHAC’s to facilitate a collaborative and coordinated approach and to serve as a catalyst between schools and community agencies to prevent disease and promote healthy school environments for children.

     Safe & Drug-Free Schools & Communities and Counseling Support

    To provide training and technical assistance to schools, whose goal is to assure a safe and drug-free school and positive school climate. The program utilizes research-based strategies to implement a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to assure healthy, safe, and connected youth, who feel empowered, engaged and equipped to succeed. Educators are provided tools to understand and address learning diversity, social-emotional learning, establish a supportive and positive school climate, and provide an effective approach to discipline strategies that build relationships.  Districts are provided opportunities for practicing and implementing strategies that empower staff to connect with youth and develop school connectedness and academic success.  Positive outcomes to the program goals include lower dropout rates, drug use, violence, bullying, gangs, weapons, suicide, emotional distress, pregnancy, and discipline problems.


  • Contact Information:          Jacqueline Harden, BSN, RN        |         Regional School Based Nurse        |         P: 956.984.6208         |          E: jharden@esc1.net