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    Why must school board members attend training?
    As trustees of their independent school districts all school board members are required, as per Texas Education Code (Section 11.159) to attend continuing education training. The Region One Education Service Center offers three levels of board training to fulfill this requirement . “The continuing education required applies to each member of an independent school district board of trustees.  The continuing education requirement consists of orientation sessions, an annual team building session with the local board and the superintendent, and specified hours of continuing education based on identified needs.”

    Level I
    Orientation to the Texas Education Code
    “A sitting board member shall receive a basic orientation to the Texas Education Code and relevant legal obligations. The orientation shall have special but not exclusive emphasis on statutory provisions related to governing Texas school districts.”

    Legislative Update to the Texas Education Code
    “After each session of the Texas Legislature, including each regular session and called session related to education, each school board member shall receive an update to the basic orientation to the Texas Education Code."

    Level II
    Superintendent/School Board Relations Within the Team of 8:
    “The entire board, including all board members, shall participate with their superintendent in a team building session. The purpose of the team building session is to enhance the effectiveness of the Board-Superintendent team and to assess the continuing education needs."

    Level III
    Continuing Education Training
    “In addition to the requirements in Level I and Level II, “each board member shall receive additional continuing education on an annual basis in fulfillment of assessed needs and based on the framework for governance leadership.”

    Level III Continuing Education Sessions will include:
    • Appraising/Evaluating the Superintendent, (3 hours)
    • FIRST – An Orientation for School Board Members, (3 hours)
    • No Child Left Behind and the Texas Accountability System – Giving School Board Members a Better Understanding, (2 hours)
    • Goal Setting – Developing Beliefs and Priorities, (3 to 6 hours)
    • Setting Superintendent’s Performance Goals, (2 hours)
    • Establishing Board Operating Procedures, (hours based on task completion)
    • Roles and Responsibilities of the Leadership Team, (2 hours)
    • Board President’s Role and Responsibilities, (2 hours)
    • Open Meetings and Public Information Act, (2 hours)
    • Other customized training sessions as requested by the School District 

    Level IV Student Achievement - NEW! 2018

    Completed 3 hours by September 1, 2018 and complete 3 hours every 2 years.

     TASB - Overview of Continuing Education Requirements for School Board Members
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