Region One ESC School Safety Initiative
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    What is the School Safety Initiative? 

    Region One ESC created the School Safety Initiative to help school districts address and comply with

    mandates created under Senate Bill 11, enacted on September 1, 2005.


    This Legislative action requires that all Texas school districts conduct a safety and security audit of all district facilities, every three years and report these findings to the District Board of Trustees.  Our next round of audits are to be conducted by August 31, 2023.


    New Deadline for School District Safety & Security Audits: 

    • TxSSC Safety & Security Audits are scheduled to be conducted by August 31st, 2023
    • District Superintendents should receive the Online District Audit Report on or after April 15th, 2023.  
    • The reporting deadline for the DAR (District Audit Report) is September 15th, 2023.




    Region One ESC believes that school districts should be empowered to retain control over their own

    safety audit process and align the audit report to the priorities set by the district. 


    The Region One School Safety Initiative will not only assist school districts to comply with safety audits but will continue to support school districts by providing staff training as deemed necessary by the school district.

    Given today’s threats, schools must be prepared to respond in partnership with administrators, students, teachers, parents, community and local agencies. The resulting partnership is one of commitment to the overall safety of students, employees and community members.
    For further information contact: 
    Jay Aguayo M.S
    Safety & Transportation Coordinator
    Region One ESC 
    (956) 984-6283