• "Transition is helping students with disabilities and their families think about their life after high school and identify long-range goals by designing the high school experience to ensure that students gain the skills and connections they need to achieve these goals through the provision of funds and services to local school districts to assist in the transition process. This transitional process will include many facets of planning for the future and should be fully understood by everyone concerned each step of the way. Planning for the future is an investment in a child's well-being!"

    When students graduate from high school, they often face a future that has more questions than answers. For students with disabilities, the future can be even more uncertain. Transition planning helps students with disabilities, and their families, prepare for the transition to adult life after graduation from high school.

    For students with disabilities who receive special education services, federal and state law requires school districts to include a discussion of Transition Services in the development of the student’s Individual Education Program at the annual ARD meeting.



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