• Early Childhood Science and Math training
    Region One Texas Regional Science and Math Collaborative recently attended a professional development academy, as a team of four, one science content person-Elda Christian, one math content person-Judy Guerra, one early childhood specialist-Patricia Raymond, and one practicing pre-kindergarten teacher-Magda Vela.  This group formed an ideal team which together explored topics such as Motion, Alike & Different, Change, and How Things are Made and Used and brought the content of   science, math, and literacy together to teach young children.  The workshop was filled with hands-on activities and ideas for observing and assessing children in the stages of early childhood development.  The Texas Early Learning Standards were used as a framework for providing curriculum and assessment strategies to support learning in the areas of mathematics, science, and literacy.  This workshop will be used to train teachers in the Region One area.
Last Modified on March 10, 2009