Safety & Transportation
    Region One ESC -Texas DPS School Bus Driver Certification Training
    For newly hired or current school bus drivers seeking bus driving permit renewals, the Education Service Center offers Texas DPS School Bus Driver Certification Training along with professional development and support for district personnel year-round to assist school districts in providing students safe travel to and from school and on school-sponsored trips.
    If you need any other specialized training to further assist your district, please do not hesitate to contact our office at:
    ESC 1 - Transportation Team
    Jay Aguayo MS - Safety & Transportation Director - 956-984-6283 - jaguayo@esc1.net  
    Norma Sotelo - Safety & Transportation Program Assistant- 956-984-6125 -nsotelo@esc1.net 
    Part Time ESC 1 - Transportation Instructors
    Mike Cano, ESC 1 - Transportation Instructor  
    Omar Flores - ESC 1 - Transportation Instructor 
    Pedro Gonzalez - ESC 1 - Transportation Instructor 
    Robert Borjas - ESC 1 - Transportation Instructor 
    Oscar Garcia - ESC 1 - Transportation Instructor - Laredo
Last Modified on December 6, 2023