• Picture of Braille and print that says Region One Services for Students with Visual Impairments

    Student Participants at Braille and Low Vision Challenge
    2023 South Texas Braille and Low Vision Challenge 


    Services are designed to support students with visual impairments so that they may receive an educational experience equal to their sighted peers, in order to gain academic excellence and, as a result, become successful in a variety of environments and contributing members of society.


    Technical Assistance:

    • Assist districts with VI/Deafblind programming
    • Assist districts with TEA VI Registration
    • Assist districts with the Deaf/Blind Census
    • Acquistion of APH materials
    • Assistive Technology Loan Program
    • Interagency Coordination


    • Staff Development 
    • Parent Training
    • Early Childhood Interventionist Training

    Direct Itinerant Instruction:

    • Orientation and Mobility Instruction
    • Visually Impaired Instruction


    • Provide technical support for assistive device considerations
    • Check out test kits specific to students with visual impairments


    Susie Andrews
    Special Education Specialist - Visual Impairments
    Susie Andrews

    Martha Bustos

    Special Education Specialist - Visual Impairments
    Martha Bustos Guzman
    Ruby Coronado
    Special Education Specialist - Orientation and Mobility 
    Ruby Coronado
    Cynthia Luna
    Program Assistant
    Cynthia Luna
    Pedro Guardiola
    Driver / Clerk
    Pedro Guardiola
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