Charter schools are open enrollment public schools in the state of Texas. Texas charter schools were established by legislation in 1995. Charters were established in Texas to accomplish the following:


    • improve student learning,
    • increase choice of learning opportunities in the public school system,
    • create professional opportunities that will attract new teachers,
    • establish new form of accountability, and
    • encourage different and innovative learning methods.


    Charter schools may offer instruction in one or more grades between kindergarten and grade 12, and are subject to the graduation standards established by Texas Education Code. Like school districts, charter schools are monitored and accredited under the statewide testing and accountability system as well as under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act. Like non-charter public schools, charter schools are funded based on the average daily attendance of students. However, open enrollment charter schools do not receive funds from local tax revenues and do not have access to state facilities allotments. In 2006, the Region One area supports 10 charter districts .



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