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    Choosing the right college can be a bit confusing when there are so many schools to choose from. 


    Follow some of these basic guidelines to help narrow the right college for "me"search.

    1. Attend college presentations and College Night events in your area.

    2. Be open-minded. Don’t rule anything out.

    3. Research each college that seems interesting. (Use this chart for comparisons and check out websites that have been provided)

    4. Visit the campus, if possible

    5. Don’t let the “money issue” scare you. Check out the different financial aid options.

    6.  Ask questions!  Speak to an academic counselor, career counselor, financial aid officer, or to an college admission counselor

    checklist clipartCheck out these websites for your college research!

    · http://www.onlytexascollege.com/

    · www.utexas.edu/word/univ.com

    · www.univsource.com/tx

    · http://www.texascolleges.org/

    · http://www.colleges.com/

    · http://www.fastweb.com/(This is a great website! It will ask you to create a profile and it will find schools and scholarships that fit you!)

Last Modified on November 20, 2006