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    It’s time to get busy!


    Junior Year

    · Think about your college choice. Talk with your guidance counselor or your financial

    aid officer about your options.

    · Take the PSAT; consider the ACT/SAT in the Spring

    · Start searching for scholarships on the web

    Summer after Junior Year

    · Visit college campuses; ask college friends for advice.

    · Request applications and brochures from your top college choices and visit their Web sites.

    · Practice application essays by writing sample drafts

    Senior Year: Fall

    · Organize your applications by creating files for your target schools.

    List application requirements and deadlines.

    · Take the ACT and/or SAT

    · Request letters for recommendation form teachers and community

    leaders early.

    · November: If you’re applying through Early Action or Early Decision, submit your application this month.

    · If you are planning to enroll in summer classes’ right after graduation, you must obtain a PIN number and complete your Free Application for

    Federal Student Aid. (FAFSA) You will use the 2005 Income Tax Return.

    o http://www.pin.ed.gov.com/

    o http://www.fafsa.ed.gov.com/


    Senior Year: Winter

    · Work on those college applications. Many applications are due in

    early January.

    · January: File the Free Application for Student Aid. (FAFSA) You will use the

    2006 Income Tax Return.

    · Check with your prospective colleges about additional financial aid application forms

    and requirements.

    Senior Year: Spring

    • Check the mail for admissions letters and financial aid awards.

    · Compare your admissions offers. Ask your guidance counselor to help you weigh your options.

    · Time for a decision! Most schools ask that you choose your school by May 1st. (Every school

    has different deadlines!!! Know those deadlines!

    · May: Don’t forget to notify schools you have decided not to attend.

    · Double check deadlines for housing, financial aid, etc.

    · Send your final transcripts to your new school.

Last Modified on November 20, 2006