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    Listed below are the different tests that are required at many universities and colleges.
    What Tests?
    Testing: (Different Tests)
        • If you are planning to attend a Texas public college or university, you must take the THEA test before you begin your first semester of college.
        • This test is not used for admission but, many Texas colleges and universities use it for placement purposes. 
        • There are several ways to be be exempt from taking the THEA tests. (Only if you meet a certain score on the TAKS, ACT, or SAT tests - Remember: Research your school of choice)
      • ACT test     
        • This test is necessary if you plan to pursue a 4 - year(Bachelor's degree) 
        • Tests what you have learned throughout school
        • This test is necessary if you plan to pursue a 4 - year (Bachelor's degree)
        • Test your locial thinking skills
    Refer to the timelines link and check out the testing calendar for dates.
    Bottom Line: 
    • Research the college/university 
    • Ask questions?
      • What tests are required?
      • When are tests scores due for admission purposes?
      • What scores are needed to be admitted?
      • Speak to a academic counselor, career counselor, financial aid officer, or a college admission counselor.
Last Modified on November 20, 2006