• Careers/Majors
    Choosing a career/major is an important factor in your post-secondary education.  This decision will determine your degree plan towards college/university graduation.  Take your time and make it a point to research all of the possibities that are out there. 
    Checkout these helpful websites:
    Monster (Job Search)                                  www..monster.com
    Career Planning                                          www.fastweb.com
    America's Career InfoNet                          www.acinet.org
    Bureau of Labor Statistics                          www.bls.gov
    Occupational Outlook Handbook              www.bls.gov/oco
    College for Texas                                        www.collegefortexans.com/career/
    This website defines each major and career:
    These websites gives career quizzes:  http://www.princetonreview.com/cte/quiz/career_quiz1.asp
    • Speak to an academic counselor, career counselor, financial aid officer or to a college admissions officer
    • Ask questions
    • Research 
    • If possible, take an interest inventory test
Last Modified on November 28, 2006