• Purpose

    The Division of Business, Operations, and Finance Support is headed by Ms. Rumalda Ruiz, Deputy Director. The office provides quality support in the areas of finance and operations to all Region One ESC programs, local school districts and charter schools, by assisting them in improving student performance and enabling them to operate efficiently and economically. 


    The Division provides quality effective training and assistance to the schools’ educational leaders and student service providers through shared services and cooperative agreements.

    Services provided include:
    • Finance updates thru the Finance Advisory Council and Business Support Services
    • Business Operations
    • Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative; includes the Electricity Consortium, and many "service-oriented" bids requested from our districts;  
    • Purchasing
    • Human Resources Support
    • SubHub

    Leadership Team

    • Rumalda Ruiz - Deputy Director for Business, Operations & Finance Support
      • Oscar Trigo - Coordinator of Analytics, Budget & Efficiency
      • Hector Gloria - Administrator for State & Federal Grants
      • Alvin Samano - Operational Efficiencies Director
    • Jacob Martinez- Facilities & Operations Director
    • Angela De La Cruz - Finance & Internal Support Administrator
    • Carmen Ocanas-Lerma - Food & Nutrition Administrator 
    • Brenda Mora - Human Resources Administrator 

Contact Information

  • Rumalda Ruiz
    Deputy Director for
    Business & Operations
    (956) 984-6290
    Hector Gloria
    Administrator for
    State & Federal Grants
    (956) 984-6295
    Oscar Trigo
    Coordinator for Analytics, Budget
    and Efficiency
    (956) 984-6291
    Alvin Samano
    Director for Operational
    (956) 984-6066
    Yadira Ramos
    Administrative Assistant
    (956) 984-6284