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    The Region One Education Service Center – Career & Technical Education Program objective is to assist all students to achieve success by preparing them for secondary and post-secondary opportunities, career preparation, advancement and active citizenship.  Our objective models the State of Texas Plan for Career and Technical Education, 2017-2018 which is focused on improving academic and technical educational opportunities for students, including rigorous and relevant career preparation to meet the demands of the 21st Century.  TEA envisions a comprehensive plan of action for Career and Technical Education that acknowledges the fact that the state is facing a time of great demographic and economic change.  The following must be addressed:
    • Recognize the unique need of a diverse student population,
    • Prepare students for college and career success;
    • Provide students with a quality of education that prepares them to be competitive within a global economy; and
    • Recruit and retain qualified teachers.
    It is our vision that Career and Technical Education is about preparing individuals for success in their Career Pathway of choice.  Employers and industry also seek employees who understand and appreciate the need for lifelong learning, in addition to being a productive employee.  The work place is changing daily, and an educated skilled employee is a valuable resource.  Our goal is to help our schools graduate students who are college and career ready.
    Our Teaching and Learning Support Services:
    • Technical assistance in adapting the new HB5 Graduation requirements, including Endorsements as part of the districts graduation plans.
    • Technical assistance to high school counselors in creating Career Pathways, advanced course work, and college preparation information.
    • Analysis of district CTE course offerings and student participation based on non-traditional student enrollment.
    • Provide student events and information promoting occupations in non-traditional career fields.
    • Establish relationships with colleges & universities for potential dual enrollment opportunities.
    • Provide information regarding Nondiscrimination statement for publication prior to beginning of school year.
    • Technical assistance in review/understanding the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook. 
    • Technical Assistance on completing Career Preparation Paid or Unpaid Training Plans.
    • Assist districts in establishing Career Clusters, Pathways, Endorsement and sequence of courses through  data driven decisions
    • Review current Industry-based Certifications and assist creating new indusrty certifcations for students. 
    • Provide Quarterly Monthly Meetings – CTE Update sessions
    • Utilize the Methods of Administration (MOA) to identify barriers to access for students to CTE programs.
    • Review of teacher certifications & local articulation agreements for compliance.
    • Provide staff development integrating academics and CTE.
    • Prepare districts for an onsite PBM visit.
    • Provide industry Certification training for CTE teachers.
    • Provide PEIMS coding training for CTE course sequence based on student 4-year plan.
    • Provide CTE Program needs assessment and review.

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    April 22, 2021
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    May 10-12, 2021
    Work-Based Learning
    Workshop #176456
    June 3, 2021
    Work-Based Learning
    Workshop #176457
    August 12, 2021

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