• The Family in Today's Changing World
    In this ever-evolving world, it can be difficult for families to understand what their role is in ensuring a student's success. Every family wants the best for younger generations because it is in children that we often invest our time, effort, and hopes. One thing is for sure, students need family support and often turn to family members first when making decisions regarding their future. No one has all the answers when it comes to what families can to do ensure a student's success, but there is support through numerous resources and guides as well as campus and district staff, and regional specialists. 
  • Pinterest
    Pinterest allows users to create virtual boards with tons of images that are simply links or photos users have uploaded. Many of the boards on the Region One ESC GEAR UP Pinterest site were created with families in mind. The first three of which are:
       •  For Parents
       •  Para Padres
    Access these boards to begin developing your awareness about the college-going process and how the resources on the boards can support students. Register with your Facebook, Twitter, or email account for free so you can follow us to get all of the latest information on college and tools for high school success!