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    Educators at the Forefront
    It is easy at times to get caught up in all of the paperwork and day-to-day routine of our lives. It might just be because of these reasons that educators often don't consider their scope of influence to impact other than what happens in the four walls of their classroom. However, educators and non-educators alike often attest to how influential a specific teacher was on their life and the person they have become. 
    Educators are catalysts, leaders, and servants. Learning is a lifelong process, and as such, it is vital for teachers to continue their education process after stepping into the classroom. Educators who remain current with the use of effective instructional strategies and the integration of technology in the classroom are best able to properly prepare students for the continuously changing workforce. 
  • SAMR Model

    Developed by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura, the SAMR Model delves into progressive levels of effective technology integration in education. 
    For more information on Dr. Puentedura's work, visit his blog at http://hippasus.com and subscribe to the Region One ESC GEAR UP iTunes U course: Pinterest in the Classroom