• SubHub Benefits for Districts


    • Increased quality of substitute teachers

     -  All substitutes are trained via Region One ESC’s Substitute Teacher Certification Academy which uses research-based training materials from Utah State University.

    •  Increased quantity of substitute teachers 

     - The substitute pool doubles since substitutes from other district will also be available to help substitute teach.

      NOTE:  Current district substitute teachers can be given preference for job assignments if district so desires.

    •  Maximize use of federal/state funds, thereby freeing up local funds for other uses

      NOTE:  XYZ ISD spent $?????? local monies on substitute teacher salaries last year.

    • Decrease hiring and administrative costs

    - Recruiting, screening, criminal history background checks, training, etc. are incurred by the ESC.

    •  Elimination of payroll costs

    - Retirement, W-2 distribution, unemployment insurance, and workman's compensation are no longer handled by the district.

    • Integration with Payroll Systems

    • Manage teacher absences with “real time” reports

    - These reports are available to administrators to note who is absent and if a substitute has been found.

    • Decreased FLSA liability due to absences

    - Substitute calling is automated and secretaries will no longer work on weekends/evenings trying to find substitute teachers.

    • Compliance with the Affordable Care Act

    Please contact Dr. Michelle Zuniga, Director-SubHub/TutorHub, at 956-984-6174 or e-mail: rozuniga@esc1.net for further information.