• Vendor Registration!
    If your company would like to receive email notifications when procurement solicitations arise for Region One ESC and/or its Purchasing Cooperative contracts, click on the eBuyOne logo below:
    Our new eProcurement system enables Vendors to connect and conduct business electronically with Region One ESC and its member school districts and charter schools.

    PLEASE NOTE: Tax ID’s must be unique when registering in eBuyOne. Therefore, if your company has multiple users that will need to access to view and respond to bids, identify who will be the Seller Administrator. The Seller Administrator should initiate the registration process and will be the only user with the rights to add additional users, add dba’s, maintain addresses, NIGP Codes, and other organizational information.

    Registering your company information in eBuyOne and/or attending any of our vendor workshops DOES NOT recognize your company as an "awarded vendor" under any existing contracts.  It only serves to provide us with your company's contact information so we have the ability to send notification via email when pertinent bid/proposal opportunities are solicited and advertised.
    eBuyOne Vendor Resources:
    Vendor Bid Opportunities!
    We advertise all formal procurement solicitations in local newspapers.  All procurement solicitations are available to view, download and respond to through the eBuyOne eProcurement system at the following link: 
    Vendor Outreach Events!  
    Is your company interested in conducting business with Region One Education Service Center & its Purchasing Cooperatives?  Please join us at the following workshops just for vendors!  Participants will receive an overview of the process and requirements for selection as an approved vendor through the Region One ESC and its Cooperatives:

    Conducting Business with Region One ESC and its Cooperatives:

    Workshop # 240024
    Tuesday, October 4, 2022
    9 AM - 12 PM
    Region One Education Service Center (1900 W Schunior, Edinburg, TX 78541) - Arroyo Colorado Room or Zoom: https://esc1.zoom.us/s/84300822731 
    Register to attend online: www.esc1.net/staffdevelopment 
    Region One Purchasing Cooperatives include:
    • Child Nutrition Program-South Texas Cooperative (CNP-STC)
    • Library Purchasing Cooperative
    • Region One Purchasing Cooperative (ROPC)
    • Texas Energy Center (TEC) 
Last Modified on September 20, 2022