• RGV READS: Secondary Student Reading Goals

    Teen/Preteen Literacy Event
    • Border Book Bash.  Secondary Librarians of the Rio Grande Valley in partnership with their school districts work together to gather Middle Grade and High School students of the RGV and award-winning authors to congregate in a fun, non-academic setting to connect with literature. 
    Extended Library Hours
    • District Lead Initiatives.  Many districts are finding ways to extend their secondary campus library hours to allow for library time before and after the traditional school day.    
    Join the RGV READS Little Free Library movement.  Think of an area preteens and teens gather.  Talk with the owners about installing a Little Free Library for their business to adopt and keep filled with books for preteens and teens.
    Little Free Library      Little Free Library     Little Free Library
Last Modified on May 19, 2020