• All students are general education students first, and special education supports students' access to the general education curriculum.  Accelerated instruction (AI) is required for all students, both general education and students who receive special education services and/or who are at risk of academic failure.  The ARD committee determines the manner in which students receiving special education services will participate in the accelerated instruction.  
    In addition to AI, an intensive program of instruction must be provided for all students receiving special education services who did not perform satisfactorily on a statewide assessment or EOC assessment instrument.  The ARD committee must design the intensive program to enable the student to attain a standard growth on the basis of the student's IEP.


    IPI/AI Chart (Region 13 ESC Source)

    IEP Implementation and Progress Monitoring

    Sample IPI Form Reading (Created by D. Saenz- ESC1 Special Education Specialist)

    Sample IPI Form Math (Created by D. Saenz-ESC1 Special Education Specialist)

Last Modified on January 19, 2021