The Region One ESC Learning Resources Integration (LRI) department is committed to innovative solutions for increased student performance for all students. Our LRI department continuously explores new tools and strategies to empower both students and educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to fully participate in a connected, technology-rich society. We offer a variety of training and technical services to support districts programs and services.
    Data Managment 
    Services include data management tools such as DMAC, Eduphoria, and TEKSBank for curriculum alignment, assessment and support. 
    Professional Staff Development
    We recognize educators as the most valuable resource to promote student learning environments that will prepare all students for the 21st century. Professional staff development services include our MegaByte Consortium, annual technology-based conferences, and technology educator resources such as our Tech Cafe. We offer a full range of staff development topics that include Blended Learning, Classroom Technology, Digital Citizenship, Flipped Classrooms, Media Literacy, Mobile Learning, Open Education Resources, and Social Media. 

    Google Educator Certification
    October 30-31, 2018 98197 Google Educator Level 1 Certification - Fall 2018
    Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018 98426 Google Educator Level 2 Certification - Fall 2018
    January 25-26, 2019 98500 Google Educator Level 1 Certification - Spring 2019
    March 22-23, 2019 98507 Google Educator Level 2 Certification - Spring 2019
    June 5-6, 2019 98502 Google Educator Level 1 Certification - Summer 2019
    July 24-25, 2019 98495 Google Educator Level 2 Certification - Summer 2019



    Microsoft Innovator Educator (MIE) Certification
    October 25, 2018 98525 Microsoft Innovator Educator Certification- Fall 2018
    February 15, 2019 98527 Microsoft Innovator Educator Certification- Spring 2019
    June 15, 2019 98533 Microsoft Innovator Educator Certification- Summer 2019