Searching for ways to effectively apply STEM education in a K12 setting? Need to tap into STEM best practices? If so, the STEM Summit is just the place for you.
    The Annual STEM Summit of South Texas is hosted by the STEM Center of South Texas with the Region One ESC in partnership with state and national partners dedicated to supporting STEM education in the Rio Grande Valley. Join the conversation and interact with 300+ educators, administrators, exhibitors and other entities dedicated to strengthening STEM education for all children in South Texas.
    Whether you are new to STEM, teaching a robotics class, a counselor searching for ways to build STEM career pathways, or running a summer or after-school coding club, the STEM Summit is designed with your needs in mind. Join the conversation, save-the-date, and make plans to attend the next STEM Summit at the Region One Conference Center in Edinburg, TX.
    2021 STEM Summit: Blended Format
    July 24, 2021    
    Region One ESC Conference Center
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    2020      February 20-21     Isla Grand Beach Resort, South Padre Island
    2019      February 21-22     Isla Grand Beach Resort, South Padre Island
    2018      February 22-23     Isla Grand Beach Resort, South Padre Island
    2017      February 23-24     Isla Grand Beach Resort, South Padre Island
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Last Modified on June 4, 2021