Centers for Excellence

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    The Region One ESC Centers for Excellence offer and implement innovative services to improve student performance, increase effectiveness and economy, and implement state initiatives. These pillars of support are built on foundations of collaboration, analysis of multiple measures of evidence, and insistence on high quality.

    Five Centers for Excellence operate from the Division of Instructional, School Improvement, and College Readiness Support. The specialty areas include:

    The Centers offer innovations, workshops/training, and conferences aligned with best practice research so you achieve your goals. The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning targets curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Sessions focus on content, pedagogy, learning designs, and program specific needs necessary to achieve at the highest levels. The Center for Excellence in College & Career Readiness delivers a comprehensive portfolio of offerings to students, parents, and educators to assist in assuring all students are ready for post-secondary and life endeavors. The Center for Excellence in School Turnaround specializes in building leadership capacity at the school level to address targeted learning needs of specific student groups. The Center for Leadership Excellence hosts paraprofessional conferences and trainings. It also delivers workshops, institutes, and extended learning opportunities that lead to alternative educator certification in state initiatives such as AEL, T-TESS/T-PESS, and ILP3. The Center for Excellence in Education of Diverse Students (CEEDS) delivers resources and supports that positively effect culturally and linguistically diverse students so they achieve at the highest levels. 

    Take a moment to browse the online catalogs of service offerings for each center, or contact Dr. Cris Valdez directly to learn more!