• State Developed Interim Assessments

    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has created free, optional online interim assessments that align to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The STAAR Interim Assessments are a TEA-provided tool to help educators tailor their instructional practice to address students’ needs. These assessments will be available at no cost to districts, and they are not tied to accountability.



    2018-2019 Features

    For the 2018–2019 school year, the STAAR Interim Assessments include the following features.

    • Two different assessment administration opportunities are available, and districts can choose when to schedule these administrations. The first assessment opportunity will be available August 31, 2018.
    • Interim assessments are available through the STAAR Online Testing Platform for
      • grades 3–8 mathematics;
      • grades 3–8 reading;
      • Algebra I, English I, English II;
      • Spanish grades 3–5 mathematics; and
      • Spanish grades 3–5 reading.
    • Embedded supports have been expanded to include content and language supports, as well as text-to-speech.
    • Results from the interim assessments will be reported in the STAAR Assessment Management System and have been enhanced to include a new online reporting suite. The reporting suite contains district-level, campus-level, and student-level reports. Reports at the student level will include
      • the student’s response to each test question,
      • the TEKS student expectation for each test question, and
      • a pop-up window that shows the test question. 

    Reports will continue to include data files and percentages representing the statistical probability of achieving “Approaches”, “Meets” and “Masters” grade level expectations on STAAR.

  • For more information contact

    Brenda I. De La Garza

    Special Education Coordinator